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                        Senecare Lubricated Products

                             Continuous Treatment that Never Quits

                                    Under Pads - Adult Briefs - Liners - Skin Protectors 

                                                for Incontinence, Wound Care, and Bedsores 



Senecare Products are unique and offer special value

Our functional products intentionally look similar to every day existing products by design and on purpose.

These products are designed to provide therapeutic treatment and protection for compromised, “at risk” skin that requires constant lubrication and treatment. We provide continuous treatment that never quits 24hours a day.

Contains true skin Protectants that protect skin against Skin Breakdown

Treats macerated, excoriated, compromised skin needing Tissue Repair & Wound Healing

See why we are different

The lubrication is a special formulation that is composed of Natural-Hypoallergenic-Botanical Ingredients. This natural green formula treats, repairs, and rejuvenates compromised skin such as present in incontinent dermatitis. These lubricated products also treat skin problems caused by bed-wetting, urine, fecal leakage,

and other associated skin irritations.

Toll free 1(800)-442-4577

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  1. Ideal for Acute Care

  2. Hospice Care

  3. Rehab Care

  4. Diabetic & Podiatric Care

  5. Home Care

Senecare’s FDA registered, patented products are Medical Devices. These products contain a natural double lubrication that is encapsulated into the materials. These products continuously maintain low-friction surfaces, and are anti-skin shearing. The built-in lubrication upon skin contact will continually release lubrication onto the patient’s skin providing barrier protection.